Gazipaşa airport

Gazipaşa - Alanya Airport. It is located in Gazipaşa district of Antalya. It is located 45 km away from Alanya, it has 2 thousand 144 meters closed terminal building and 105 car parks. The airport, which was built in 1991, began its 11-year wait for the airline, which was ready to seat in the waiting room, due to the change of power in the general elections that took place in the same year, despite the completion of Turkey's former transport minister Arif Ahmet Denizolgun in 1999. All of the equipment in the airport has been shipped to other airports. At the end of 2007, the airport was reissued and the operating rights were granted to TAV Holding by the State Airports Authority (DHMİ) on 4 January 2008. The airport, which was completed on July 13, 2009 and opened to air traffic, is large enough for passenger aircraft of 150 passengers. Although it is still known as Alanya-Gazipaşa Airport, the name of the airport is called "Gazipaşa Airport" in the High Planning Council within the State Planning Organization and the people of the district want the airport to be referred to this way. The reason for the safety disturbance is that the planes descending by the sea can not have enough distance to rise again due to the mountains if it is compulsory to pass. The operation started on December 13, 2013 for the extension of the length of the airport to 2500 meters. In the scope of the studies, 204 meters long underpass was constructed on the D400 highway and the airport runway was extended by passing over the highway. Such a study was done for the first time in Turkey. In this respect, the airport has the feature of being the first airport passing underground in Turkey Alanya is one of the most special cities of Turkey. Especially in the summer time, many local and foreign people are visiting. Especially, Alanya, which is preferred by foreigners, plays an important role in tourism in Turkey. Each town is as good as itself. Our company Gazipasaairporttransfer724 offers you our valued guests Gazipaşa-Alanya airports to Alanya and the surrounding regions Gazipasa-Alanya transfer services. We welcome you from any region in Antalya and Gazipaşa-Alanya airport with Gazipasa-Alanya transfer service to provide you with a comfortable, comfortable and friendly transportation with our friendly drivers. Gazipasaairporttransfer724, which serves in Alanya, places great importance on the comfort of our esteemed customers and families and carries out the transfer services of Gazipaşa-Alanya even better. The happiness and happiness of you are the biggest sources of our growth in this sector. Our company Gazipasaairporttransfer724 provides the best quality service with our special team for your happy and peaceful start to your holiday. Gazipaşa Transfer services are the most exclusive vehicles of our brands and the latest models. If you wish, we can arrange your minibus, passenger cars and Gazipaşa-Alanya and Gazipaşa airport transfer services. If you would like to take advantage of Gazipaşa-Alanya airport transfer and Gazipaşa VIP transfer services, you can make your call reservation at +905323202430 call center 7 days 24 hours at any time.
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